Cheryl Burke opened up about her struggles with body image throughout her professional dancing career during an appearance on the Hypochondriactor podcast DWTS’ Cheryl Burke Says She Has Body Dysmorphia: ‘Tell Me One Dancer That Doesn’t’ “Now that I’m sober, I have body dysmorphia because I’m a dancer,” Burke admitted on the show.

Body dysmorphia is described as a mental health disorder in which a person can’t stop thinking about a perceived defect or flaw in their appearance, according to the Mayo Clinic.

“I knew I had a problem when I was going back through old seasons and I was pretty skinny and yet I was still giving wardrobe hassle in our fittings,” Burke said.

Burke told Hayes and Wali that her “tipping point” with body dysmorphia was when her weight became a topic of discussion among others.

Though she loves dancing, Burke said on the podcast that she thinks she’ll struggle with her body image until the day she decides to retire.

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